Software Education Services

Our educational services team is dedicated to providing the highest quality instructional programs to donor centers, laboratories, and hospitals. We work with your team to empower them, helping to ensure that your organization receives the maximum value from your software investment. We offer standard and customized P.A.C.E.® approved classes that can be delivered at your facility or at our state-of-the-art Education Center. Key class features include:

  • Professional experienced educators with extensive industry knowledge 
  • Small class sizes that are solution-focused
  • Customized curriculums based on your educational needs
  • Assessments for understanding and knowledge
  • Continuing education credits

High-quality instructional programs for your donor, laboratory, or transfusion service

Our instructional programs are designed to provide your organization with an in-depth, interactive, hands-on experience that will help ensure your team has the knowledge to implement, operate, and maintain a successful software system.


The following educational materials are now available:

Initial System Education
  • Leverage the power and sophistication of your new system with our in-depth software education.
Refresher Courses
  • Provide both new and existing staff with the opportunity to learn more about your current system.
Upgrade Education
  • Take advantage of the new functionality available in the latest software upgrades to boost operational efficiency.
On-site and Off-site Classes
  • Provide focused and intensive off-site education for your staff at our Education Center in El Dorado Hills, California, or deliver hands-on, contextual on-site training.
Web-based Classes
  • Educate your entire staff without leaving your facility by participating in our webinars covering specific application and industry topics.
Train-the-Trainer Classes
  • Enable continuous education at your facility by having our team train your trainers.
Industry-based Education
  • Discover the benefits of empowering your staff with broad-based blood management education.
Customized Education Material Development
  • Invest in tailored education materials specifically developed to meet your facility’s needs.

P.A.C.E.® is an administrative system serving as the quality assurance mechanism for continuing education programs offered to clinical laboratory professionals.